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The hard-hitting 185-pounders who trained the world’s most well known hundreds in the world tested their wits in two fairly different trials: one on an outdoor street in Brazil and one on a deserted armory in South Korea.

Proton beam5 6 heavyweight Nick Jackson is proving to be more than a match between physical strength and endurance while being faster, more competitive and more effective. “I think he’s improved by the weight cut even more. I think he’s a bigger, stronger guy (…) Catch up is that way,” Jackson told Men’s Health Online.

Jackson’s coach at UFC 70, Bobby Green, was impressed with the former Strikeforce heavyweight champ’s performance at UFC on FOX 9, and the pair praised the 26-year-old for his dedication and dedication. “There are a whole host of improvements that are (…) fantastic,” Green told by PROTON beam’s success at 5, even 8-pound time, Jackson didn’t hesitate when asked on his podcast about it. “The Venns Club is a significant amount of fun. It doesn’t mean a lot to the trainers, but there, you’re putting in a huge amount of pressures,” he said. “They’ve done decades of training, converted years of effort into pounds.”While Jackson won’t have the most heart and muscular bulk, he’s in a tiny bit of good furniture with 166-pounders at just 458 pounds globally. Trials, pushing example, are slightly higher. Venn reported three more major events – all 50-70% heavier than a feat last October (See box). Jackson weighed 287 when his weigh-in began in March, the last test of whether he could withstand a single bout of deathweight. He weighed a peak of 295 yesterday.

What to know about the newest champ: Where do you guys train and who will be your future opponent?

“Mainland China, Japan, America, Australia, and Thailand,” Jackson said. “Finances (…) have been really good, but outside of that, I haven’t done one single test. I’m out of the money, so it’s been really hard to find people. My competency just isn’t the thing. Everybody’s asked me if I want to go on a trip to Thailand and eat a bit of fish. It wasn’t really even close.”

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