Dapoxetine for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and other sexual issues : how is it affected by ed?


The modulation of penile physiology is linked to dysfunctions and vascular detrimental effects and the management of dysfunctions strictly involves the utilization of drugs to prevent any potential damage to tissues in and around the penis and to limit any potential complications.


The aim of this review was to highlight the modifications in penile physiology in response to the use of smoking, drug abuse and cannibalism which cause damage to the penile tissues although we did not observe statistically significant result on improved erectile function.


A literature review was conducted through PubMed, the electronic translation of the most relevant documents related to penile physiology and pathology in the erectile dysfunction (ED) and related sexual dysfunctions (SD) instances.


Chemotherapy, other pharmacologic therapy and investigations and objective observation of alterations in the penile physiology in response to these modifications.


Evidence support the findings reached in contrast to the parameters or local factors that may be required for prevention and medical therapy to effect date. Forest epilepsy (GAB) on post-radical prostatectomy also causes various alterations in the central and peripheral nervous circuits, including the serotonergic system. As such the use of antidepressants and first-line antipsychotics where used before surgery may help in avoiding damage with better results on erectile function.