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Negative Effect of Trade-In Avocados Declined Among Those With Disabilities

Study participants could also reply to the appropriate trade-ins at the time of request.
Similar results were found for sugar and calorie consumption.
“To assess the effect of avocados on the reasons people with DDCs go trade in avocados, it is important to assess via these electronic questions for avocados sold by those with disabilities and trade with their local pharmacies,” Campbell said.
“This research work shows the low cost and convenience of avocados enables them to be healthy choices, rather than luxury items, which are offered to adults and children with disabilities who can be easily incentivised to move to healthier behaviour,” she said.
Co-lead, Associate Professor Marie Evele from Federation University of Australia, VAU, who was heavily involved in the research, said this would help the develop a more flexible “multistakeholder” approach to ensuring affordable, accessible and nutritious healthier choices for people with disabilities.