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BMI or BMI? Real or artificial?

“Those who advocate an artificial BMI should be corrected because their reasoning is flawed,” said the study’s senior author, Dr.
The researchers studied a group of 50 cohort participants.
In total, 68 of the participants were obese, while 23 were well-to-do, according to a United Kingdom-wide prevalence survey.

Eye conditions may predict onset of diabetes after heart attack

The majority of the patients were African American, Hispanic, and were treated for more than 12 years.
Of the patients, 99 developed diabetic peripheral neuropathy after heart attack and 209 developed it without triggering symptoms.
“We are working to integrate these data to understand the impact diabetes-related genes may have, although this is not a definitive answer,” said Saunders.
Eyelid dryness with accumulation of calcium in the cornea, light sensitivity, and dry eyes are among those implicated in peripheral neuropathy in the study.
Unfortunately, people don’t understand that one aspect of losing peripheral vision also leads to peripheral eye injuries like diabetic peripheral neuropathy that occur when there is an attack that results in bleeding or brain hemorrhage, she said.