Datiris (pronounced day-TEER-iss) was founded with a simple vision: To improve the speed and quality of your projects by offering a better understanding—a clearer view, so to speak—of your source data. The fruit of this vision is our flagship product, Datiris Profiler.™

Like many useful tools, it was born out of necessity. As the creation of real business intelligence and data warehousing professionals working in real business environments, Datiris Profiler is a direct response

to many unmet needs. For example, the need to automate the data profiling process for large, dispersed teams. Of course, it needed to be powerful, but it also needed to be affordable. And, it needed to be easy to learn and use—for everyone involved.

If any of these needs sound relevant to you, you’ve found the right solution. A unique, practical and valuable solution from an insightful and passionate company.