By any standard, Datiris Profiler is a powerful tool with thoughtful, well-designed features. Features you’ll actually use, in part because they’re easy to use. Check out the demo video to see how it works!

An extensive set of metrics gives you a clear view of your data from every perspective.

Wide range of data sources. You can profile Oracle, SQL Server, MS Access, Excel spreadsheets, text files, FoxPro files, ODBC data sources and more.

Domain validation allows you to define domain rules and validate your data against those rules.

Pattern analysis instantly identifies hidden quality issues in large volumes of data.

Drill down lets you explore your source data in real time based on your profiling results.

Batch profiling automates data analysis allowing you to profile hundreds of tables with a single click.

Command line interface provides an easy way to automate and schedule your profiling jobs.

Conditional profiling allows you to specify filters in order to profile a specific subset of data.

Profile templates allow you to save the definition of a complex profiling job for easy reuse. Configure once, run many.

Profile spreadsheets allow you to export a data profile to a Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet for meetings or emails.

Data definitions provide a centralized place to give the entire team business descriptions of data elements.

Cross-table analysis enables you to identify matching or orphaned records between two tables, based on a fully-customizable join condition and optional filter on either table.

Intelligent tags work like sticky notes to let you capture and share key findings and observations with your entire team. By centralizing this important information, you can develop a virtual library about your data.

A metadata repository keeps a history of profiles and profile notes so it’s easy to share results.

Robust security limits users’ access to specific data sources. This way you can decide who gets to see what.

An intuitive interface makes the most powerful features immediately, instinctively useable.

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NEW: Check out the demo video to see how it works!

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